Christian Worldview Institute
"Speaking the Truth in Love..."

Welcome to the Christian Worldview Institute (CWI), providing education and training for Christians and those interested in learning about the faith. 

The Christian Worldview Institute has had an impact on our community since it was established several years ago. Our goal is to equip Christians to deal in a loving and reasoned way with the questions and challenges to our faith in a post-Christian culture.

The institute offers two courses of instruction. The inaugural course, Christianity: A True and Reasonable Faith for a Skeptical World
exposes the student to arguments for Christianity.  The lessons address the alternative worldview of materialism that pervades our universities and now our culture, as well as arguments for the existence of God, intelligent design versus evolution, the historical reliability of the Bible, and evidence for the Resurrection. The six-week course has been presented a number of times in our local area to Christians from a dozen churches. Non-local congregations have purchased the course materials and offered classes.

The second course, Islam: What Every Christian Needs to Know, is an objective examination of Islam based on the Qu’ran and other Muslim texts. A video package of the Islam course suitable for presentation at any church is now available. Just contact us to order a set.